1. I loved that I finally really understood how hateful the word 'bitch' can be
    You just don't get how gross a word it is until it's hurled at a woman in chains five times a minute because she's a woman
  2. I loved that the comedy of the movie relied entirely on accents
    It's funny because they're racist and Southern! Get it?
  3. I loved the prolonged depiction of sexual assault
    Which reminded me of my own trauma
  4. I loved how Tarantino references others films in his movies
    And by other films, I mean HIS other films
  5. I loved that the audience around me cackled while Samuel L Jackson bragged about forcing someone to suck his "big black cock"
    Because what's funnier than that?
  6. I loved that the answer to a plot that goes nowhere is senseless violence
    When in doubt, blow off someone's head; the audience will cheer
  7. I loved that the second something was brought up that actually furthered the plot, it was quickly overshadowed by gore
    Vomiting up blood! Truly timeless
  8. I loved how uncomfortable I felt hearing the N-word every other sentence
    But it's a period piece? But it's supposed to be realistic? Even though none of the other dialogue is period-accurate? Even though the script was a literal pile of shit? But thank god for the N-word
  9. I loved that one of the only women in the movie was in chains the whole time
  10. I loved the part where two men laughed as they strangled a woman to death
    Because she's a bitch remember?
  11. I loved that you could feel how much Tarantino loves himself
  12. I loved that no matter how terrible it was, everyone would say it was artistic
    Classic Tarantino!