Our first Christmas together; we'll be in New York with my family. We're still shopping, but here's what we've got already
  1. For my mom:
    LSE running shirt, book about how to prepare for worst case scenarios
  2. For my dad:
    A nice biking shirt, a biking hat, biking socks, mint flavored toothpicks
  3. For my stepmom:
    Signed copy of Ottolenghi's new book Nopi, tea from Harrods, LSE tote
  4. For my stepdad:
    A chef's hat from Fortnum & Mason, Ottolenghi's Plenty, LSE scarf
  5. For my sister:
    A hedgehog piggy bank she can color herself, a flip book of designer fashions, a cool sketch book shaped like a suitcase, a bead loom
  6. For her au pair:
    A giant cartoon map of London to color in herself
  7. For my grandmother:
    Framed graduation picture, F&M ornament, stuffed LSE beaver (our mascot apparently)