Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. First time my lips ever touched other lips:
    During recess in kindergarten, a friend came over and said my friend Ian was going to kiss me. I said, "Gross!" and hid. He found me, I ran up a slide and onto a play set, he followed, pinned me against a wall, and pecked me on the lips. I kicked him.
  2. First time a boy I liked kissed me:
    My eighth grade boyfriend. We met doing musical theatre. If I'm remembering correctly, he pecked me on the lips outside the Mama Lucia's in Olney where we had our cast party. We continued with lip pecks for four months before he dumped me, saying he, "Really [didn't] want to make out with [me]."
  3. First kiss with tongue:
    It was the last day of eighth grade, on the bus back from King's Dominion. I was so desperate to make out with someone before high school... We ended up playing truth or dare, which turned into kissing dares; literally everyone chose dare so they could be dared to kiss. We ended up playing Suck and Blow, where you pass a playing card down a line by inhaling the card into your lips. If the card dropped, you kissed the next person. I kissed four boys, two "open mouth", which was a Big Deal
  4. First kiss with my current boyfriend:
    We'd met a couple months before through my roommate-- she was dating his college friend. In February 2015 we went to a dinner party at that friend's house. The next day we spent the whole all went to lunch, a museum, and finally a pub. I got really drunk, told our mutual friend he could leave, and I kissed Alan on the cheek. He seemed stunned and went on talking. So I kissed him on the lips; he apologized for being a bad kisser. Very very cute and sweet. And great at kissing!