Thursday 12 November- Sunday 15 November
  1. John Grant concert at the Hammersmith Apollo
    I'd never heard of him (but I really only listen to show tunes), but @ce_mcintosh invited me. It was excellent! Beautiful music in a beautiful venue. And I bought a shirt with an emu on it!
  2. Royal Academy of Art
    We wanted to see the Ai Wei Wei exhibit, but the line was too long.
  3. White Cube Gallery
    There was a room with quilts
  4. Fortnum and Mason
    Gorgeous department store with a lot of fancy, expensive stuff. £700 leather elephant doorstop? Got it. £1000 box of Christmas crackers? You bet.
  5. Maison Bertaux
    We had tea and cakes at this incredible old-school patisserie in the heart of Soho; definitely want to make going there a tradition
  6. We walked from Piccadilly Circus, up Regent Street, through Soho, Seven Dials, Lincoln Fields, Smithfield, Spitalfields-- all the way home
  7. V&A Museum of Childhood
    Saw a lot of toys-- including a baby doll with anatomically correct genitals
  8. Columbia Flower Market
    This is a market I can get behind-- all flowers and nice shops-- none of the shit you get on Brick Lane. So many beautiful terrace houses and cute shops and restaurants.