My low FODMAP diet to treat my IBS
  1. Onions
    This is one of the hardest ones. I use spring onions and chives instead
  2. Garlic
    Usually if I see this in a recipe, I throw in some spring onions
  3. Gluten
    Because gluten-free is so hot right now, this isn't too difficult. I bake with plain old gluten-free flour, eat a lot of rice, and experiment with different brands of gluten-free pasta. I also subbed millet for couscous; it was great and super cheap!
  4. Dairy
    There are a bunch of random exceptions that have to do with the ratio of something to something, so Brie and Parmesan cheese can be okay. Goat cheese is also okay, which is one of my favorites
  5. Legumes
    If I have a bean of any kind, I'll end up sprinting to a toilet within an hour. It sucks because I love lentils. There aren't really specific subs; I just go recipe to recipe and improvise
  6. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, peaches, apples, and on and on and on
    Anything that causes gas in a normal person will make me sick-- pain, nausea, bloating, diarrhea, constipation. There's no regularity. It's so frustrating that it's really not worth it. Unless I just really want Korean food...