I was originally going to make a list of style icons, but I felt that Miranda and Lizzie deserved their own
  1. Don't remember this episode, but it looks like they're at a dance
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    Too cool
  2. Summery!
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  3. Miranda's trousers, Lizzie's whole outfit-- mmmm
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    Is this the Aaron Carter episode?
  4. I don't actually LIKE these outfits, but I admire their bravery
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    Miranda, expert power-clasher
  5. Crimped hair 💅🏾
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  6. Crimped hair and creative use of rubber bands
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  7. Don't remember why they were doing a 60s thing, but I dig it
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  8. Queens
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  9. Dice hair pins, safety pin clip
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    Is this when an underclassman was obsessed with Lizzie?
  10. Is this the pilot? This whole look is on point
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  11. Yes, that's a faux bandana headband on Lizzie and a coin purse on Miranda
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    I'm totally going to start wearing a coin purse
  12. Bad Girl Lizzie
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  13. Tendril game
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  14. Nice choker
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  15. Clear, cordless, landline phone
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  16. AWWWW
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  17. So Cadet Kelly
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    Also, hard to make an American flag shirt cool, but now we know it's possible
  18. The wardrobe department must have bought every patterned pant in greater LA
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    Bit of a letdown from Miranda, though
  19. I'd wear my hair like this at my fucking wedding-- too good
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  20. Snap
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  21. This feels high fashion!
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  22. Adorable
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  23. The puffy pink hair ties, the blue (pvc?) jacket
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    The famous bra episode
  24. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
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  25. Classic
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  26. Hair goals
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  27. Kate doing outdoorsy chic
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    Those tinted glasses
  28. Bandana headband
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  29. I loveeeeee thissssss
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  30. Damn Miranda!!!
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  31. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
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