All the articles you see posted on Facebook that make you want to throw your computer off a cliff
  1. "She Fills a Muffin Pan With Pasta. 1 Minute Later? I'm Going to my Kitchen"
  2. "She stripped down to nothing but her underwear in the middle of a busy marketplace and you'll never believe the response she got"
  3. "He likes wearing nail polish. Why? Because he's a good father."
  4. "This guy recreates profile pictures of women he meets on Tinder. Classic."
  5. "This kid is taking OVER the Internet after scolding his mom for being pregnant"
  6. "27 Things For Which You Should Thank Your Boyfriend: here's the recognition for the boyfriend's who put up with us."
  7. "A Late Night Reminder To My Heart"
  8. "Ten Things That Make A Girl Beautiful Instead of Hot"
  9. "The artist who turned his dead cat into a drone is now building a helicopter out of a cow"
  10. "Artist Suffering from Anxiety Illustrates Mental Illnesses as Real Monsters"
  11. "'Groutfits' Are the Chic Fall Trend You Never Saw Coming"
    Apparently a groutfit is a grey outfit.
  12. "If The Sound of Chewing Annoys You, You're Basically A Genius"
  13. "Watch Journalists At Democratic Debate Embarrass Themselves With Behavior Americans Find Appalling"
  14. "One of the most powerful art pieces at #burningman this year"
  15. "16 Things Only Guy-Girl Best Friends Can Understand"
  16. "This Man is Getting a Divorce in 2015. Sounds So Wrong... But I Agree With Him"
  17. "5 Things that Make a Woman Beautiful that Makeup Can Never Do"
  18. "What I Really Wish I Could Have Said to the Teacher who Called About My Child's Behavior"
  19. "This Artwork is Probably the Most Accurate (And Scary) Portrayal of Modern Life We've Ever Seen"