Heads up, Americans
  1. Oh!!! They say the f word on TV here?!
  2. There are a lot of fire doors
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    Because London has a history of burning down
  3. The hot tap water is REALLY FUCKING HOT
  4. There is often a separate faucet for hot and cold water
    It's basically the Middle Ages
  5. Toilets don't flush
    Get used to it
  6. People queue religiously here
  7. You'll drink all the time, for every occasion
  8. You pay a tax to have a TV
    But you're supporting BBC, which is cool
  9. The tube is clean, but not 24/7
    Get all your Christmas gifts at the Transport Museum
  10. Camden is the world's worst place
  11. The NHS can be a pain in the ass, but it's so wonderful
    I can go to the ER with an ear infection and get free treatment? Yes please!
  12. Apartments are very very expensive
  13. The food is awesome
    But there are so many mediocre chains you have to sift through before you find the good stuff