1. Orange juice
    Just give me a big jug of the stuff and shut up about how it's just like drinking a soda
  2. "Happy breakfast"
    Sushi rice, two soft boiled eggs, sushi seasoning, dark soy sauce
  3. A really nice movie theatre
  4. My Van Gogh coloring book
    None of this trendy psychedelic adult coloring book nonsense-- give me post-Impressionism or give me death
  5. Cooking a great meal and sharing it with my friends and family
  6. A great discussion with smart and interesting people over drinks
  7. Brief moments where I can eat without hating myself and really enjoy what I'm eating
  8. Being really really sleepy and getting heavy eyelids
    And then falling asleep on the couch
  9. Popping zits
    Or watching people pop zits on YouTube-- it feels 99% as satisfying
  10. Recognizing places in movies and shows
    That's my old street! That's near my old university! You'd never take that street to get downtown!
  11. 30 Rock
    I like to fall asleep and wake up to it