A big apathetic, French shrug
  1. Alan had a GENIUS idea:
    A French pie shop. Beouf Bourginon Pie, Coq au Vin Pie, etc. What else is classic? Quiche Lorraine Pie?
  2. It feels like a bigger, more touristy French village
    You're telling me every French village isn't just as quaint?
  3. More variety, please
    A good French bistro is great, but do all the menus need to be the same?
  4. That being said, croque madames are incredible
    First one today and I'm a changed woman
  5. It was so worth it to pick out restaurants first
    There are some terrible places here, and they mostly look just like the good ones; everything in Paris looks the same
  6. I need to stop caring what other people think of me
    I get so anxious that people will think I'm foreign, stupid, etc and I get too stressed to talk. None of this matters
  7. I could probably live in a tiny studio apartment with Alan and be just fine
    But what's the point if you don't have enough space to entertain?
  8. I love all these big apartment building doors that lead to courtyards
  9. There are more dogs in New York
  10. The only way to get a waiter's attention is to call in a bomb threat
  11. What's worse? Penn Station area or the area around the Gare du Nord?