1. 1910's: AMAZING FASHION. Beautiful costumes
  2. Those hats would look terrible on me
    How small would my head look?
  3. We knew where at least three of the filming locations were; we even saw the pharmacy when it was set up for filming
  4. Loved the subtle and completely unmentioned burns on Carey Mulligan
  5. Thought having Pankhurst show up just once was a great choice-- definitely added to her aura
  6. I liked that there was a girl called Maggie in it
  7. Shocked to say Helena Bonham Carter didn't annoy me
  8. Great pace-- good build up, not too slow; I was never bored
  9. Directed by a woman! Produced by women!
  10. It was very real; men weren't cartoonishly evil
  11. I liked that it showed how hesitant and unsupportive most of the women were
  12. Great range of classes of women.