1. I hope they drag this Algie/Cornelia thing on as long as possible
    We all know they have to run away to France together, which would mean the show would be over, so I can wait
  2. I'm already annoyed by Algernon's obviously psychotic wife, but I understand her purpose
    See above
  3. Algernon's eye problem is making me really anxious
    I just want him to be okay!!! I want him to be a successful doctor and happy husband to Cornelia!!!
  4. I loved the scene with Cornelia and Philip; we needed more reasons not to like him
    It was really natural and real-- not some caricature of an abusive husband
  5. I'm so excited for all the creepy Mr. Showalter moments to come
  6. Everett's sister-in-law...
    When I first saw her scheming face I thought, "Great, another plot line about a man who cheats on his wife", but now I'm sensing something a little more sinister. I think the sister might try to kill Mrs Gallinger because she wants to get married-- maybe to Everett. Will Everett be involved in the plot? I love it.
  7. I really hope Cornelia's brother doesn't get all creepy religious to impress Lucy (her name is Lucy, right?)
  8. Thank God Lucy's dad only whipped her with a belt
    I was expecting some horrific rape scene
  9. Barrow's favorite prostitute is definitely going to betray him
    There's no way she isn't working with her employers to do something terrible to Barrow. She'll probably agree to run away with him, only to have him cornered and attacked
  10. How is it possible to have a judge who openly admits his bias IN COURT? Isn't that a conflict of interests?
  11. Alan thinks Everett is going to use Eugenics to off his wife; I think he'll use it to try to get rid of Algernon
  12. Bertie's got a girlfriend
    Is something bad going to happen there?
  13. What's the medical advance with adrenaline?