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    I'm in the Conflict Studies MSc program, so obviously that's the only course about which I know any specifics, but I can talk about my own personal experience
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    I've met so many smart, cool people
    One girl who spent three years in Pakistan registering voters, another who was in Egypt when the revolution broke out. There's a guy who worked for a few years in the Australian department of defense, one who was in the Canadian military, etc. And that's just in my program.
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    From speaking to other students, I've found that what you think of LSE has a lot to do with where you did your undergrad
    I spoke to a girl who went to the American University in Beirut, which basically looks like Santa Barbara-- needless to say, she's disappointed by LSE's campus (and the weather). Americans I've met have complained about the structure of the courses here. The US and UK systems are so different, and it's a shock for Americans. I did my undergrad here, so I went through this three years ago
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    My program is particularly interesting compared to other ones, from what I've heard
    Comparative government is supposedly very dry (obviously). My introductory class in the methodology program is awful, but that was expected.
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    I hate having class with other Americans
    Hyper-PC, rude, loud... Americans think everyone thinks they're stupid, so there's a constant need to prove themselves. I've had such bad anxiety about having seminars with other Americans that I've skipped class; it can be really really unpleasant-- especially in my terrorism class
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    I love the campus
    A lot of people say there isn't a campus, but it's better than NYU or even King's-- there's definitely a community. So many pubs!
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    Our school store has incredible merchandise
    Stuffed beavers in LSE sweaters!!!!! I'll take three!
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    We've got a great cafeteria
    Cheap, good food.
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    It's really hard to find outlets at the library
    I'll open up those compartments on the floor and they'll be empty! It's nuts
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    The teachers are great and lead very interesting seminars
    Very good discussion and debates. Example: are ethnic conflicts actually about ethnicity?
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    But I'm also so glad that my classes aren't too theoretical
    Fuck theory
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    It's so nice not to live in dorms!!!
    London has been my home for three years, so I feel a lot more adjusted than the other international students
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    This is going to look so good on my resume πŸ’…πŸΎπŸ’…πŸΎπŸ’…πŸΎ