My boyfriend went Christmas shopping with my mom without me last night. It's cute
  1. Waterproof trousers
    "How they're annoying to wear and how nice ones are much nicer than cheaper ones. She was talking about the ones she bought for Richard-- the mountain hardware ones. They sound quite nice."
  2. How he had the bad waterproof jacket
    "Because you took the good waterproof jacket and Richard took HIS waterproof jacket."
  3. How he was finding getting around New York on his own
    "Well that was just it."
  4. How long it takes Subway trains to arrive
    "They take really log to arrive. It's like five minutes between in each train. If it took five minutes in London for a train to arrive, you'd think there was some sort of break down."
  5. How creams always smell like peppermint
    "Because we got a sample thing I think."
  6. Lavender
    "Just how it smells nice and you can eat it and put it in things. And you can get lavender sweets in England."
  7. Why cars turn even when you've got the light to cross the road
    "Because you can turn right on the red light here and that would never happen in England."