1. My little sister was going through a rubber band bracelet phase a couple years ago
  2. She made a collar for Joe Biden's dog out of rubber bands and gave it to my stepmom to give it to him on AF2
  3. MY TEN YEAR OLD SISTER then got a CALL FROM THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES thanking her for gift and calling her by her nickname
    "The Nugget"
  4. About six months later, we went to the Biden summer party
    He saw my sister, said,"Nugget!" Ran out of the room, came back WITH THE DOG COLLAR SHE MADE FOR HIM, and posed with it in our picture
  5. Close-up
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    It's on his wrist
  6. This year she went to his Christmas party
    He showed her that the dog collar had broken and asked her to make him a new one
  7. Also, he appeared on Parks and Rec, which rocks