1. Diner, South Williamsburg
    This was ABSURD. Overpriced- fine. A bit pretentious-- it's Williamsburg; of course it is. But the SERVICE. I ordered some cut of pork. After FORTY FIVE MINUTES we finally got hold of our waiter, asked if something went wrong, and she scurried off. A few minutes later the MANAGER showed up, and when we said we'd waited for 45 minutes and just wanted to see what was up, he explained that "we cook all of our food on order and sometimes meat takes awhile to cook."
  2. Wild Brooklyn, Williamsburg
    I ordered some take-out gluten-free spinach gnocchi (I know, I suck) last summer. The bartender at the empty bar just glared and me and watched as I signed the check-- to see if I was tipping him. I didn't.
  3. Dishoom, Shoreditch
    For a place with a separate gluten-free menu and a separate dairy-free menu, our waiter was really not understanding when I asked about whether there was garlic in a dish. "I mean, it's not that garlicky." Bite me.
  4. On the Bab, London
    Great place, food is served so quickly, but it's impossible to get a waiter's attention. I still go all the time.
  5. London Grind, London Bridge
    Oh my god-- went here with my boyfriend and couldn't figure out if it was table service or bar service and got scolded. Also couldn't get anyone's attention. Is it a coffee shop or a bar or a restaurant? As my boyfriend said, it's a place that was cool and then got known for being cool.