1. A date shake at the Mad Greek
    In general, I think the Mad Greek is a lame road trip cliche. HOWEVER, a date shake is hard to beat.
  2. The lunch buffet at Lotus of Siam
    I've made the drive from Montana just for this place.
  3. Moapa Paiute Travel Plaza
    The best tchotchke and liquor selection I've ever seen at a gas station. Plus it's a good place to grab a sixer of Budweiser Chelada (for your passengers- duh!). Throw away the cans and disown this tacky beverage upon arrival.
  4. Horizontal Bore and Drilling Co (brothel) Ely, Nevada
    Ely is full of brothels, but this one has the best name.
  5. Gas Station Zebra, Scipio, Utah
    You can pet him!
  6. Lava Hot Springs, Idaho
    There are a few old inns around town with soaking pools- all built in the days when people believed that sort of thing healed any and everything.
  7. Scotty's Drive-In, Idaho Falls, Idaho
    If you're not hungry at Idaho Falls, wait until you get to Ashton and hit the Frostop Drive-In. It's easy to spot- there's a two story root beer mug out front.
  8. Henry's Fork of the Snake River, Island Park, Idaho
    In summer, when car rides feels extra hot, this is the best place to find a semi-private spot to pull over, strip down, and jump in. Or if you're into being bored and stoic, fly fish.
  9. Yellowstone National Park west entrance, West Yellowstone, Montana
    West Yellowstone isn't the best, but from here the vastness and wonder of Yellowstone Park unfurls before you. Grab a map of the park and pick your final, gorgeous stretch of road.