A native daughter's favorite places to get a drink (with a little photographic corroboration thrown in for fun)
  1. The Sip 'n Dip, Great Falls
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    On weekend nights there's a mermaid in the pool.
  2. The New Atlas, Columbus
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    The New Atlas doubles as a taxidermy museum, emphasis on freaks of nature.
  3. The Road Kill, McLeod
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    In the middle of nowhere. Bring a DD.
  4. The Murray, Livingston
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    Hometown classic.
  5. The M and M, Butte
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    Jack Kerouac fell in love with the place in 1970 because it was full of characters- "gamblers, whores, miners, Indians." I love the place for the bartender with hydrocephalus, who pours a great drink and makes a mean pork chop sandwich.
  6. The Old Saloon, Emigrant
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    This place is best mid-summer, after a float down the Yellowstone.
  7. Jester's in Helena
    It's a total shitshow AND they have killer live music.
    Suggested by @EricElkins