Ok, that might be a bold claim, but my head easily gets stuck up my own ass, so I try to regularly do one of the following to maintain perspective. OPEN LIST- please make suggestions!
  1. Take a dog from your local shelter for a walk. Better yet, foster
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    Post- surgical or special needs animals often need a home to recoup in and shelters ALWAYS need help with bottle babies! Try getting sad when you're feeding a kitten or puppy with a tiny bottle...
  2. Bake something for an older person in your hood, bring it over, and HANG OUT
    No drop and runs allowed. They don't count. Stay, snack, visit, become friends. Neighborhood gossip is a great opener "can you believe so and so hasn't taken down their Christmas lights?" If all goes well, this will be the first of many hangs.
  3. Stick up for someone
    Nothing improves a mood like opening your mouth on someone else's behalf. Especially if you're scared to death before you do... Is someone berating their waitress at the next table? Take a deep breath, stand up, and say "hey cocksucker, shut the fuck up." Trust me, it will make your day.
  4. Crawl in bed with a person you've been too busy for
    No, not like that... Crawl in with your best friend, your kid, your parent... Just stare at the ceiling and shoot the breeze for a while, like you've got all the time in the world. I lost my best friend to cancer, and wish I had done it waayyy more before she was sick. But I was always in a hurry to do something that didn't matter. Nothing matters more. Ever.