The departure of my two girls is looming which has my mind obsessing over some questions before they go. It's so all consuming that I can't seem to communicate with others. Tonight, looking at 73 unanswered text messages on my phone, I figured I'd better write them down and then start apologizing to the people I've ignored.
  1. Did you always feel loved?
  2. Did you get what you needed?
  3. Can you forgive me for the times I failed you?
  4. Do the happy memories outweigh the rest?
  5. Is there anything I can do in the short time we have left to make up for the times when I wasn't there for you? Be more present? Be more indulgent? Sleep next to you until you go?
  6. Are you scared?
  7. How will I know you're ready?
  8. When you feel ready will you find a way to let me know?
  9. What if I can't let go?