@bjnovak requested a list of things to do in Livingston, MT. BJ is one of the kindest humans on earth and the last person I'd want to let down, so I've been wringing my hands ever since. Here's why-
  1. I can't control who sees the list.
  2. BJ thinks that I'm generous with this sort of insider info (best place to sit at the rodeo, best townies to know in case you get in a jam, etc) but I only shared these things with him because he passed my cockamamie litmus test.
  3. Because lists are available to anyone, an asshole could read my list and decide to come visit Livingston...
  4. A visiting asshole could tell someone at the Murray Bar or the Boiling River that's he's there on my recommendation and then who's the asshole
  5. I don't want to make an inauthentic list, one that leaves the best spots out as an asshole safety precaution.
  6. But I still want BJ to think I'm generous.