1. Science sucks
  2. Why does he take this stuff so seriously?
  3. Both of my kids are smarter than me. Weird.
  4. I remember when he used to sit at this table in his high chair.
  5. What is it with teachers and poster board? Do they get kickbacks?
  6. Why does he get to make all the design decisions and I'm stuck on glue stick duty?
  7. When he gets up, I'm going to add some decorative accents.
  8. No wonder so many kids are on ADD meds, this shit is boring.
  9. I could use some ADD meds about now.
  10. Look at how much he's concentrating. Is this what he's like at school?
  11. Remember when I would have to walk him into class, because line-up was scary?
  12. Give me those days back so I can never leave his side or wriggle out of the tight little grip he would have on my hand.
  13. High school next year. Are there glue sticks in high school?