Thoughts on the Planned Parenthood Fetal Tissue Sale Controversy

  1. Who cares?
  2. What's up the weirdo fetus worshippers?
  3. How do they package fetuses for sale? Ziplocs? Tupperware?
  4. Remember when I asked the Planned Parenthood receptionist if they had a valued customer punch card? And no one in the entire waiting area laughed? I still think that was funny.
  5. If a woman's fetal tissue is sold, does the sale price get discounted off of her bill? It should.
  6. Do most fetus fetishists also collect those super real looking baby dolls? I bet they do.
  7. If one of my kids ever suffers a spinal cord injury that can't be cured because fetus-obsessed nut job prevented fetal tissue research, I will straight up kill one of them. And shoot their real looking baby doll too.
  8. I need to take the kids to the Mutter Museum- they have lots of fetuses!