Animals I Have Seen So Far On This Greyhound Trip

I'd love the country if my allergies weren't so bad....
  1. Turkeys
    Ugly things, but they're very funny.
  2. Cows
  3. Calves
    Including one that was presumably walking for the first time, because a family was standing around it clapping.
  4. Stray cats
    Or farm cats. Just laying in the sun. I worry for outdoor cats, but they really do seem happier outside.
  5. Horses
  6. Foals
    I used to go horseback riding when I was little. My first boyfriend's family bred horses. I have such a soft spot for them.
  7. Red-winged blackbirds
    The most beautiful bird in the world, in my opinion.
  8. A very cubby corgi
    He was getting a scratch on the head.
  9. Chickens
    Not pretty like the red-winged blackbird, but not as ugly as the turkey. I met one once and they're very snugly.