Kids these days...
  1. Going ham
    I learned what this means recently (it's like "going crazy") but I always mess it up and say "going hog." Can us out-of-touch folks make "going hog" a thing?
  2. Snatch
    I feel like Gretchen Wieners is behind this one. Not the faintest idea what it means, though.
  3. 6ix
    I understand that this means you're from the 416 area code, meaning Toronto. But it's pronounced aloud like "six" apparently. So when I was with a group of teens and I said "six-ix," I was made fun of endlessly. THAT'S HOW IT'S SPELLED KIDS. If you just want to say 6, just write 6! That's what numbers are for. I blame Drake for this mess.
  4. Keep it 💯
    I'm gonna guess this means "going really fast" (as in 100 miles per hour) or doing your best (as in giving 100 percent).
  5. TFW
    For some reason my mind always jumps to "the fucking world." That makes no sense at all, but then again Trump is leading the Republican primary, so yeah, THE FUCKING WORLD, MAN.