1. It's not exactly a secret that I am entirely too close to my boss
    It's mostly one sided, in that I know entirely too much about her life because she tends to vent to me every single day
  2. And most of the time it's just fine. Fine in the sense that I know it helps her to have someone to talk to and it doesn't usually inflict on my ability to do my job
    Usually because of that one time that ALL of her texts came to my phone as well. That definitely affected my job.
  3. Sometimes it sucks, because I have no way to help her and I have to just sort of spend 3 hours trying to format an excel document in a way that is impossible but she claims she saw it once, so obviously it can be done
    I had to leave and go home and she gave up and did it the way I first suggested
  4. But on days like today it can rock
  5. Because she spent 45 minutes today telling me how I "shined" at the conference, impressed every person I encountered with how helpful I was, printed out and read every nice survey comment specifically about me (there were 71 of them), and how grateful she was for everything I do for her, work related and not.
    Debbie also cried through most of this, but that isn't out of the ordinary for her
  6. One person (whom I worked with extensively before and during the conference) said (about me) that "her response to jump was less 'how high,' and more 'what else can I do?' because she had already jumped and completed 4 other tasks in the time it took to ask the question."
    I was also described as "doing the work of five people, but always with a smile on her face," "the person with all of the answers or the means to get them," "the kind of young professionals we want working for nps."
  7. Today's self esteem/ego boost brought to you by my over-sharing boss