AKA the most frequent reason people tell me they think my family is ridiculous
  1. It began in the summer of 2013,
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    At Kathleen's high school graduation. We needed a pose, and some how came up with this. We had no idea what we were getting into.
  2. We did the pose a couple more times that summer
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    Like here, while Kathleen and I were drunk at a Backstreet Boys and Jesse McCartney concert
  3. It resurfaced at Thanksgiving
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    I was about to leave for Hong Kong and my mom threw me a party (that literally none of my friends attended, I am definitely still bitter about this). We took some pictures and my grandma joined in on the family pose. My grandma thinks this pose is ridiculous and usually refuses to do it.
  4. At that point, the pose had stuck. We now cannot go a single family photo session without doing the pose.
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    Pictured here at Marykate's boyfriend's prom photos (Erin fucked it up big time)
  5. You can do the family pose by yourself
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    My friend almost refused to take this photo because "the top of Cadillac Mountain deserves better" and I'm still not sure what she meant by that.
  6. Or with only some of your family members
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    Here's Kathleen and I at a country festival, doing the family pose. This took more than one take and I'm not sure why.
  7. Here we are doing the family pose while trying to take a Christmas card photo last Thanksgiving
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    ... This was the Christmas card
  8. Here we are doing the pose right after my college graduation.
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    My dad thinks the pose is stupid but I think he looks stupider just sitting there
  9. And here's our Christmas card for next year
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    My dad, on brand
  10. So that's the history of the family pose.
    Alternative title: my family thinks we're funnier than we actually are