1. I managed to sleep on the 35 minute flight from Alex to Houston
    This is a blessing because I cannot sleep on 99% of flights
  2. But I was the very last one off the plane because I didn't wake up when we landed
    When I sleep, I sleep hard. I have slept through multiple dorm fire alarms.
  3. This lovely person was in from of me on the elevator though
    Yes this is a pepperoni onesie. I wish my sister would allow me to wear fun things like this in the airport.
  4. Perks of flying at 6am: sunrises
  5. I got a breakfast sandwich from a cart that was easily 80% of my daily calorie allowance.
  6. And I feel as if I have betrayed myself by getting a holiday-themed drink (peppermint mocha with 3 extra shots) but it was extremely worth it
  7. Plus it gave me the opportunity to see this: the most Texas thing I have ever seen in my lifetime
  8. Then my mom called me and we spent an hour and fifteen minutes on the phone. 7 people moved away from where I was sitting over the course of the call.
  9. They're offering $400 worth of free flights to someone who gives up their ticket for a later flight today
    This is very tempting since I don't have to anything to do in Boston until tomorrow. However, I don't want to be in Houston for another 5 hours.
  10. Considering how much I have to fly in the next year, that would be super nice to have
  11. Someone beat me to the counter while I was updating this list.
  12. I'm chill with that though, because I'll be in Boston by 2 and have time to fuck around (my expertise)
  13. The plane I'm in has TVs which is so fucking clutch because this is an inexplicably long flight plan
    I have never flown from Houston to Boston before, but I feel like a 5 hour and 15 minute flight plan is too long (I'm also definitely not watching fox and friends either)
  14. I just watched them load my suitcase on to the plan, which definitely helps my anxiety of it going missing
    Considering I have all of my work related belongings (all 3 cameras, boom mic, tripods, handheld microphone, second laptop), I really need it to not go missing
  15. I have a chatty couple next to me. Pray for my sanity.