1. In a quest to be not annoying on social media, I haven't really said much about this, but today that ends (briefly, and then I'll go back to not making a peep)
  2. When I moved to Louisiana, I decided that if I was ever going to lose weight it would have to be here, in a place that I could control everything around me.
    I now know that reasoning to be false, but ya know, what ever it took to motivate me?
  3. Also, I'm in my cousins wedding in October and I figured if I dieted a year in advance, I wouldn't have to starve myself for the 6 weeks before the wedding.
  4. After fucking around at the gym and doing pointless detoxes for three months, I downloaded Myfitnesspal to track every single thing that entered my mouth and started walking and running instead of rewatching the office for the 6th time.
    This picture is from September
  5. And ... It's worked out pretty well for me. As of today, I've lost 40lbs since September.
    ignore the weird tan line on my stomach pls
  6. This post has been sitting in my drafts since around Easter, because I had planned to post it once I hit 40. But then I plateaued and it took me almost 9 weeks to lose 3 lbs.
    This is an ABSOLUTELY ridiculous thing for me to complain about, but when you're used to losing 2+ lbs a week, it's so fucking hard to not just like, drown yourself in donuts (which happened ... Twice) when you weigh more than you did the week before.
  7. I'm still ~20 lbs (ish) away from what I'd like to weigh, but that number is based on basically nothing so I'll see how I feel along the way.
    The 20lbs is what I would have to lose to no longer be on the overweight side of the BMI chart. I know BMI is fucking stupid and wildly inaccurate, but it's still used by doctors so this is what I'm going with for now.
  8. But, ya know, pat on the back for myself now 😎