Made while listening to Fall Out Boy on the plane
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    Write Paramore lyrics ALL OVER my binders, prompting the guidance counselor to befriend me
    "Wow! You're such a romantic" she would say as she talked to me ~intensely~ while waiting for the bus everyday
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    Tell my mom that only Pete Wentz and Adam Lazzara understood me
    This is still not technically incorrect
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    Cite my favorite place in the world as a mosh pit
    I was ~hardcore~ and also, even as a 13 year old, had the body mass not to get completely crushed
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    Talk about how "insane" Bamboozle was and "how many people I watched die"
    Amount of people I watched die: (questionably) one
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    Talk about how Hit the Lights would break one day but we'd stay fans
    .... They did not break, understandably, because they literally wrote songs about killing people
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    Dyed different parts of my hair different colors (pink, purple, black, and blue) a week before my confirmation as a rebellion against my parents/the Catholic Church.
    They were not happy about this, but the bishop liked it.
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    Write song lyrics all over my walls in sharpie
    They're still there ... Because they bleed through the paint every time I try and paint over.