Definition of adulthood is still up for debate.
  1. How to put on a shirt without getting deodorant stains on it
    However, I have mastered how to wiggle my right arm back into my shirt to put it on/miss the important spots
  2. How to drink socially
    What do you mean "only two drinks?" Who has only two drinks?
  3. The appropriate amount of time to wait after you text "here" and they don't respond
    Like how long am I supposed to wait in my car/at your door before it becomes socially acceptable to leave?
  4. How to only just make out with someone
  5. How to shave my knees without bleeding out
  6. When people are shopping for insurance, do they actually know what any of this means?
    Me: mom, have I ever had *disease/infection/surgery* Mom: you're 22 and you need me to tell you if you've ever had Lyme disease? (The answer was no)
  7. When to tell your boss you know too much about her life
    This situation may only pertain to me, and if so I'm an awful trailblazer
  8. Am I allowed to tell people that even though I went to art school, I probably can't draw them/their cat/anything other than a house?
    Asking for a friend.
  9. How much time am I allowed to spend on while at work before my computer looks suspicious to IT?
    Lance, I swear looking up "crafts to do alone on a Sunday morning" is work related.