I really wasn't kidding when I said I plan these things out ... @dad3 @andersun
  1. Fly into Oslo on a Wednesday
    Idk where y'all are flying out of, but out of nyc it's a direct flight. Layover options include London, Frankfort, Stockholm, or Moscow.
  2. Stay 2 nights in the Saga Hotel
  3. Day one Oslo: Vigeland Park, Viking Ship Museum, and the Folk Museum. Dinner at Hos Thea.
  4. Day two Oslo: Fjord Travel Norway's Oslo Grand Tour
    7 hour boat trip 🙌🏼🙌🏼
  5. Take the Bergensbanen train to Bergen
    I am such a sucker for trains and this is apparently the most beautiful train ride in Europe
  6. Bergen: Climb Mt Floyen and explore Bryggen
  7. Stay one night in Bergen at the Steens Hotel
  8. Fly from Bergen to Tromsø
  9. Stay two nights in Tromsø at Hotel Aurora
  10. Tromsø day one: explore during the day, dinner at Fiskekompaniet. At night, tour with Chasing Lights to see the northern lights
  11. Tromsø day two: Tromsø Arctic Reindeer, either the Mountain Reindeer Snowmobile Safari or the Sami and Viking Heritage package
  12. Fly from Tromsø back to Oslo
  13. Free day in Oslo! I usually build one of these in because I always miss things. There are a lot of biking/hiking trails around this area, that's what I'd do.
  14. Stay one night at the Thief Hotel
  15. Fly home!