1. Hello there! I'm sure you're awesome and have tons of great gift ideas
    Or not, which is why you're looking at this but let's go with it
  2. But this is what I'd like you to do
  3. Donate whatever you feel comfortable with to any of these charities:
  4. Four Diamonds Fund http://www.fourdiamonds.org/
    My best friend went to Penn State and I got to watch the amazing work that the Four Diamonds Fund does every year. If you want your heart strings pulled a little bit, watch literally any THON video on YouTube.
  5. Against Malaria Foundation https://www.againstmalaria.com/
    I have never even thought about having to deal with Malaria, and hopefully other people won't either.
  6. Pancreatic Cancer Action Network http://pancan.org
    One of my mom's best friends passed away earlier this year from pancreatic cancer within 10 days of being diagnosed. This is the one of the most lethal cancers and comparatively to other cancers, it is horribly underfunded.
  7. Your local animal shelter
    Shoot them an email, phone call, or Fb message and ask what they need. Maybe go play with some dogs too (I have a soft spot for the elderly dogs in the shelter if you want to get really specific). Or maybe go crazy and adopt one???? (If you actually do that, and I am seriously not expecting you to, I'd like some photos and maybe a role in the naming process).
  8. Cause of your choice
    If none of these appeal to you, then find one that you're into and donate there. Just a couple suggestions: make sure they're a 501(c)3 non profit. This is the US tax code for a public charity. Do a little research into making sure the money goes where you want it to go - not all charities are created equal.
  9. Once you've done this, send me the cheesiest Christmas card you can find
    Or else where's the fun in giving a stranger my address?