It's been a super busy month for the humane society I volunteer for. We adopted a normal amount of dogs this month, but we actually moved close to 100 dogs to homes or safe places. These were the pups that went to forever homes πŸ’•
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    Onnie, with his new siblings!
    We LOVED Onnie. Onnie had been dropped off at the city shelter because his owner couldn't take care of him anymore. He was an absolute perfect house dog, but he was also 10 years old and part pit. This family had recently lost their pit/boxer mix, saw Onnie on Facebook, and jumped on the chance to make him part of the fam 😊
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    Pebbles, with her new family!
    They were fostering her and someone else expressed some interest. They realized they weren't willing to give her up, and told us to direct the other folks to a different dog, because Pebbles was staying put.
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    Gabriel, who clearly loves his new sister
    He almost died at the city shelter. He had been there for almost 2 months with little to no interest, so he was going to be put down. We were able to shuffle some things around and get him a space at happy tails, all about 2 hours before he was scheduled to be taken in. Well, he was there for all of 36 hours, because the family that wanted Pebbles ended up taking Gabe 😎
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    Elsa, with her new family!
    Elsa was ABANDONED BY HER FAMILY AT A CAMPGROUND BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE MONSTERS. But this lovely couple from Texas stepped in, and now Elsa lives on a farm outside of Longview and has a bunch of horse siblings that she loves to chill with πŸ€—
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    Oscar, with his new sister Katie!
    Oscar was Katie's birthday present, because her parents rock and have excellent taste. πŸ™‚
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    Duckee, with his new mom Shannon and new sibling Buddy
    Duckee, the black one, was pulled from the shelter the same day as Onnie. He hung around a little longer, but went for a test sleepover with Duckee and Shannon and never looked back 😍
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    Arrow, with his new family and brother Ranger
    One of our board members drove Arrow to Colorado on her own dime because she knew that he would be a perfect fit with this family. Clearly, that's more than true πŸ”‘
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    Caesar, with his new parents
    Carmella and Brian never thought they wanted another dog, but they agreed to foster Caeser when we needed to make room for Gabriel (and the four others we took in that week). He lasted a week, and then Carmella and Brian decided they didn't know how they lived without another dog for so long πŸŽ‰
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    Augustus, and me, because we don't have a photo of his new owner and him yet.
    This is one of the pups I was fostering last week. He went to Atlanta on Wednesday for training to be a service dog, and met his handler Thursday morning. The adoption will be finalized next week, but I couldn't leave sweet lil Gus out of this, especially since I know he's made himself at home already
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    Proof of Gus making himself at home immediately, because in this photo he had been at my house for 20 minutes
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    Yay for the pups!! (And the people)
    Also please don't buy dogs unless you have to. Seriously. I will refrain from writing horror stories of kill shelters, but I have them. You should always always always adopt. *ending rant way earlier than I should, a sign of huge restraint and maturity for me*
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    **side note on the other dogs** I realize this is not 100 dogs. Every dog here (bar 2) made room for another dog at our shelter, so multiply this by 2. Then we moved 4 more dogs into fosters, so multiple that by 2.
    Our shelter is full of entirely new dogs this week! Jeff, our caretaker, says it feels super weird but he's very happy to make new friends
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    The other 80ish dogs
    We work with a bunch of different humane societies throughout the country. When we get the chance, we ship dogs up north (NJ/NY/PA/OH are the most common places) to place them with humane societies up there. They have a much better chance of getting adopted up north&this moves them out of the kill shelters down here. So they're not with families, but they're safe. Last month, NHS and the Heart of Louisiana Humane Society moved almost 90 dogs out of kill shelters and to different groups elsewhere