Dogs that were adopted this week 💕😍

It was a big week at the Natchitoches Humane Society!! So much that at one point the prison guards wanted us to stop letting people in to pick up their pups 🙄
  1. We adopted/sent a TON of dogs out this week!!!
  2. Here's Whiz with her new family!!
  3. And buddy with his new mom!!
  4. And Norma with her new family!!
  5. And Solider (the gray/black one) with his new brother Reggie!!
    This was actually very fun because their owner brought Reggie to Happy Tails and let him pick his own brother! We had a couple options and they all took turns playing with Reggie, but Solider and him were (clearly) the best fit.
  6. And Zeus with his new dad!!
  7. These four pups are going on a rescue road trip to families in Ohio!!
    From l to r: Duece, Puck, Lunch, and Kolache
  8. And the best for last ...
  9. Bonnie was adopted!!!! 😭😭
    Bonnie had been at the shelter for FOUR YEARS. FOUR YEARS GUYS. This literally makes my heart sing with joy - look at her smile on the bottom right!!!