Inspired by @amieshmamie
  1. The transition from steam to diesel locomotives in Georgia
    Trains are way more interesting than anyone realizes and this is one of my favorite ranting topics
  2. The history of the National Park Service
  3. The life of Teddy Roosevelt
    My interests tend to follow a theme
  4. The social history of urban renewal and city planning
    Hey, did you know that almost all suburbs that experienced a boom in population between 1950-1970 are almost always located between 25-35 miles outside of a major metro area? That's because 25 miles is radius of an a bomb, and people wanted to gtfo of the way
  5. The rise and fall of brutalist architecture
    Brutalism is cool and beautiful AF
  6. Literally anything about the history of Savannah
    Point to a house in the historic district! I can 100% give you the build date and probably the builder (Gingerbread house, corner of 35th and Bull, steamboat Queen Anne, 1899). Also y'all, Savannah has a fucking wild history that would be an AMAZING drunk history episode