1. β€’
    Gracie is this lil ball of sunshine
  2. β€’
    Also my (now former) foster dog
  3. β€’
    But Gracie is going to live in the Capitol!!
    (Baton Rogue... She's going to Baton Rogue)
  4. β€’
    She's going to live with her new mom Tori and her new BFF Bella
  5. β€’
    They both seem skeptical, but I promise they got along really well
  6. β€’
    But I'm so happy for her! Tori is also super nice and helping me with my separation anxiety by sending me super cute photos of how well she's doing in her new home
    This is her signature move "I'll play dead until you pet my belly"
  7. β€’
    (Also Levi has an adoption pending on a meet and greet that's happening Sunday! Keep your fingers crossed for him!!)
  8. β€’
    (And ps photoshoots with dogs are hard)