I whole heartedly do not believe in guilty pleasures, because the point of me liking something is to rub it in your face (and in looking at some of my life choices so far, there are very few things I'm actually ashamed of). That being said, this is a list of things I like, but probably shouldn't enjoy due to personal beliefs, societal norms, etc.
  1. Bro country
    As an ardent feminist, I sometimes have to remind myself that while I enjoy Thomas Rhett's observation that I'm shaking my money maker like a I'm a heart breaker or it was my college major, a guy actually saying that to me in a bar is something I would angrily tweet about later.
  2. Not wearing bras (or enough of a bra) in public
    I am above an A cup and it is not the mid-nineties, so I should be wearing a bra with, at the very least, underwire when in public. That very rarely happens, and I am a big fan of bralettes, stretched out sports bras, and tank tops with a built in bra.
  3. The bachelor/bachelorette
    For the same reasoning as #1, but I also because this show is the highlight of human stupidity.
  4. Not wanting to say goodbye when I leave something
    There is a 99% chance I will see you within 48 hours, therefore we don't have to hug and act like we like each other. This being said, I will always tell the host that I'm leaving/thank them for letting me make questionable decisions in their home.
  5. The fact that I have never watched breaking bad
    Honestly, at this point, I take pleasure in being able to shock someone with the fact that I haven't seen this show. And I also have no desire to watch it.