Help me dress professionally please

  1. Next week, I'm helping run a conference in Santa Fe
    Judging by my boss' Xanax intake this week, when I say "helping run a conference" I really mean "I am running a conference"
  2. We have field sessions on Thursday at Bandelier NM, so I'll be there from 730am - 8pm
    I cannot explain how excited I am, however
  3. I have ZERO idea what to wear
  4. I have to "dress professionally" so my director has said no to the following clothing items:
  5. Jeans, shorts, work out leggings
  6. HOWEVER, whatever I wear has to allow me to do the following things:
  7. Hike, climb ladders, run a window repair workshop, and participate in an on going archeological dig
  8. Bandelier is also in the middle of the desert, so it will be 115 degrees, which means whatever I wear has to be breathable/allow me to not die of heat exhaustion and preferably not show how much I'm sweating
  9. So uh yeah, help me please?