8 cousins, aged 17-37, in four states. A group chat of dreams.
  1. Marykate, re: the guy she's dating
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  2. Caroline, re: dreams
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  3. Megan, re: things she thinks no one cares about but I deeply care about
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  4. Kathleen, re: how badly I need my hair dyed
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  5. Caroline, re: school things
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  6. Marykate, re: living in Indiana
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    (I tried to explain the real reason to her, she was not interested)
  7. Caroline, re: house smells
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  8. Megan, re: her new BFF
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  9. Marykate, re: things my dad does
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  10. Caroline, re: more school things
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  11. Megan, re: life of a meter reader
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