Requested by Bailey

How to Have a Bitchin' Daytrip to Savannah, GA

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  1. Go during the spring or the fall, so as not to want to die because of the water
  2. If you plan on drinking, either have a designated driver or drink early enough that you'll be sober to drive home
  3. Breakfast: Collins quarter
    Make a reservation before because it is constantly busy, but the food is amazing and the coffee is even better. Eggs Benedict, Moroccan scramble, avocado smash, and two eggs (I can't remember the actual name) are all things I wish I could eat every day of my life.
  4. Walk/shop to...
    Savannah is the definition of a walking city. Park your car (street parking is metered, so with some caution) and walk around.
  5. River street/factors walk
    It's so super touristy but it's a really pretty view and still very cool. The staircases up to bay st. are amusingly difficult.
  6. Broughton st.
    The main shopping drag downtown ... They've been putting more chains in recently, but Savannah Bee Company (free honey tasting and a $5 mead tasting) and Paris Market are two of my favorites
  7. Bull St.
    The "spine" of the historic district. Great architecture and shops along the way (Red Clover has great clothes and ShopSCAD is an absolute must). This leads right into Forsyth Park, which has that great white fountain you see on all our tourism material.
  8. Take a tour of some sort
    There are so many museums in Savannah, so find one your interested in and check it out! There are also great walking tours (personally recommend Architectural Savannah) and some non traditional history tours (Savannah slow ride comes to mind). Just stay away from the trolleys. They're not _bad_, it's more that savannah was not meant to be seen from a car window.
  9. By this time, you're probably ready for lunch. There are a ton of options around Forsyth (Betty bombers is in the American legion and it's great), but I'd personally head to...
  10. Green Truck Pub (40th and Habersham)
    The best burgers in Sav. I personally like the rustico, but I've never had a bad burger. They make their own ketchup and it's AMAZING. Next stop is ...
  11. Tybee!
    Head on out to the beach!! I personally like North Beach because it's less crowded, but the pier will have much more to see and do. After the beach, you may be hungry for dinner:
  12. The Crab Shack (if you want seafood)
    This seems like a tourist trap. It is ... Mostly not. Order the platter and prepare to dive on in.
  13. The Grey (if money is no object)
    Savannah's newest and most critically acclaimed restaurant. It's very very very good but also very expensive.
  14. Kimchi II (if you want something very different)
    This is very outside of downtown, but it's a+ Korean food
  15. The Pink House (if you want something classically Savannah)
    Savannah mainstay for a reason. Mostly southern food, but it's very good (I don't like southern food, so that's a ringing endorsement)
  16. That probably covers a full day (expecting you're driving back that night)!
    Have a good time! 😊😊😊