Levi Was Adopted 🎉💃🏻😊🐶 (and I am now foster dog-less)

  1. This is lil Levi
  2. And he was not so secretly my favorite foster dog
    Despite the fact that he refused to take a good photo with me 😑
  3. But he was adopted by this awesome family in Crowley, LA
    Look at how much they love him! And this was only the second time they'd met him!
  4. (This is just a picture of us looking cute before we left for Crowley)
  5. He also has a new little brother named PeeWee
  6. And his new parents have a ton of grandkids that were so excited to meet him!
  7. They sent me this picture yesterday - look at how happy Levi is!!!!
  8. So I'm now officially dog-less ... Except for the fact that I offered to foster a dog on the euthanize list if he isn't taken in by a rescue. I think I'm crazy.