Because this seems fun OKAY?? (@WSJ asked @bjnovak and now all the cool kids are doing it).
  1. Number of unread emails
    This gives me hives; I'm a fan of inbox zero.
  2. First app checked in the morning
    Not an app but my notifications tab, so I can see what unimportant thing to address first
  3. Most used app
    Definitely Facebook. Maybe safari? Idk I'm old.
  4. Last app checked before bedtime
    My alarm, because I'm terrified of not waking up for work in time even if I wake up before it every day
  5. Most liked instgram
    *sighs* Savannah
  6. Last uber ride
    The uber pool of shame
  7. Most retweeted tweet
    So I keep my Twitter on private, but this one has a couple likes on it? (Tweeted during a republican debate)
  8. Favorite emoji
    👻💕👍🏼🙃 (whichever is applicable)
  9. Outgoing voicemail message
    Boring/cringe-worthy/literally hasn't been redone since 2008: "hi you've reached Maggie o'neill, sorry I didn't answer the phone but if you leave me your name and number, I'll call you right back. Thanks!"