@kellymm55, the lack of distinction between sober or drunk made this mildly difficult.
  1. Anderson Cooper
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    Yes, I know but whatever.
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    People think you're gross, and to be honest you probably are, but I'm into it.
  3. Sam Heughan
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    *without hesitation* meaning I would probably be arrested for assault. Is that kosher to admit? I literally have a work crush on someone just because they have the same name as the character he plays. I'm insane.
  4. Sam Hunt
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  5. Stephen Colbert
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    I know he'd love me back if he only knew me
  6. Jon Stewart
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    There would be a certain amount of anger involved and I'd be into that too
  7. One of my professors from college
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    My friends and I had competing crushes on him. He's gay, so I lost to my male friends by default (although at one point, I was leading...). But kissing him would put me in the lead for sure.
  8. Ryan Reynolds
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    Him being married to Blake lively only makes him more attractive (because she's awesome so that means he has great taste, jeez)
  9. Michiel Huisman
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    Yes, Age of Adeline was disappointing, but that movie made me love him even more. Which, frankly, says a lot because you see his butt in Game of Thrones.