Requested by Kelly


@kellymm55, the lack of distinction between sober or drunk made this mildly difficult.
  1. Anderson Cooper
    Yes, I know but whatever.
  2. People think you're gross, and to be honest you probably are, but I'm into it.
  3. Sam Heughan
    *without hesitation* meaning I would probably be arrested for assault. Is that kosher to admit? I literally have a work crush on someone just because they have the same name as the character he plays. I'm insane.
  4. Sam Hunt
  5. Stephen Colbert
    I know he'd love me back if he only knew me
  6. Jon Stewart
    There would be a certain amount of anger involved and I'd be into that too
  7. One of my professors from college
    My friends and I had competing crushes on him. He's gay, so I lost to my male friends by default (although at one point, I was leading...). But kissing him would put me in the lead for sure.
  8. Ryan Reynolds
    Him being married to Blake lively only makes him more attractive (because she's awesome so that means he has great taste, jeez)
  9. Michiel Huisman
    Yes, Age of Adeline was disappointing, but that movie made me love him even more. Which, frankly, says a lot because you see his butt in Game of Thrones.