1. "My boss is crying at her desk again and I need to drown her out so I can focus"
    Mostly Linkin Park, Blink 182, and Good Charlotte
  2. "Getting off the exit for your favorite place ever"
    Examples: Home by Edward Sharpe, Home by Daughtry, etc.
  3. "Stuff to play in the car with your dad"
    My dad: only Lynard Skynard and Patsy Cline. Normal dads: Dad rock classics, such as Boston, Bruce, and Genesis
  4. "Running at night, in a terribly lit place, alone"
    Just an empty playlist so it only looks like you're listening to music
  5. "Driving to the beach"
    I can't believe they don't have this either!!! But this playlist is a lot of Augustana.
  6. "Karaoke Classics"
    Preferably not the actual karaoke version. Songs include Teenage Dirtbag by Wheetus, Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift, and Strokin It by Clarance Carter
  7. "Pretending I can't hear the office phone"
    Literally anything loud enough to drown out the ring of the main office line