Inspired by @biz/@dustinboone and I'm cheating and using a nickname because no one actually calls me Margaret
  1. M: "... made me do it"
    I own every single action I take, even if it's highly embarrassing/regretful later on. Such is life.
  2. A: "Actually, I was wrong about that."
    I'm trying to be better about this. I really, really am.
  3. G: "God's plan"
    Much to my grandma's chagrin, I am not religious.
  4. G: "Gotcha!!"
    I am not someone who plays pranks/jokes on people because I generally don't find that amusing. If if do, it's done through direct sarcasm.
  5. I: "I don't want seconds/more food/desert"
    I always do, whether or not I actually eat it.
  6. E: "Everyone should do this/act this way"
    I live my life by "you do you." I'll bitch and complain about some things, but I'll never try to tell someone not to be a certain way.