A+ list request topic, @BWN_7
  1. Beginning the summer going into 6th grade (so ... 2004? I think? Excuse me while I spiral into a "holy shit that was 12 years ago" tantrum🙄) my friends and I would have these absolutely MASSIVE games of manhunt
    If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm sure you played this game but just called it something different http://m.instructables.com/id/Manhunt/
  2. There were usually about 30-40 of us, and these games would take place over three blocks of the neighborhood just below mine.
  3. I honestly don't think we ever finished even the first round of any game, but they were almost always perfect nights.
  4. We did this every summer, until the summer going into freshman year of high school when we all decided we were "too cool" to do anything sober, let alone play man hunt.
  5. But the good news is that I'm still friends with 75% of the people who did this, so I guess things worked out on my end.
    Especially since the people who I'm not friends with anymore sucked, like Tony Greco, who recently commented "maybe you should eat a snickers" on a Fb post of a girl we went to high school with. That girl was writing about how she had been raped....