Possible Scenarios for my Impending Murder

My car broke down in rural Virginia (Glade Spring, to be exact), and I am the only person staying at the Econolodge (the only hotel) in this town of 1400. To pass the time until my car is ready (2pm) I am currently fantasizing about my own murder - emotional health is so overrated!!!!!!
  1. The owner of the hotel has a Saw-esque scenario waiting for me when I wake up from my nap
    Most likely involving the belt of my car that broke.
  2. The cleaning lady from the hotel force feeds me bleach and then hides my body on the near by mountain
    I'm scavenged by coyotes
  3. The entire movie "Wrong Turn" happens to me after the nice man from the auto body shop comes to kidnap me and bring me to his ancestral family home on the mountain
    No cabs meant he was v nice and drove me here, but plot twist!!! Turns out nice people don't actually exist
  4. Zodiac killer comes out of retirement to kill a girl with a decidedly small social media presence
    Just for shits and giggles
  5. My cousin finally loses her mind from the wedding stress of a beach wedding in the path of Hurricane Matthew and comes down to kill me for causing more drama right before it
    Probably the most likely scenario