1. Yesterday, the director of the humane society and I were hanging out while I should have been working
    In my defense, we were both in my cubicle, it was 3pm on a Friday, and I had permission from my boss (sort of, in a round about way) to work on the humane society website during work hours.
  2. And Juanita casually mentions this dog that she's trying to save. He was at the city shelter and just the sweetest thing, but had some skin conditions that made him unattractive (99% it's just mange, but we're getting it scraped ASAP to be sure). He was going to be euthanized Tuesday morning if she couldn't place him with a foster or rescue.
  3. I think you can guess where this leads ...
  4. So this is my new foster dog Prince!
    Yes, he's named to honor Prince. No, I didn't pick the name. Yes, I think it's cheesy and ridiculous. For the record, I wanted Jasper.
  5. He's the most low key dog ever, and just an absolute sweet heart
  6. He's also fucking MASSIVE. He's underweight and still 80 lbs
    The door in the background is 2' wide
  7. Prince has been super well behaved so far and already knows his basic commands.
    Plus is 80% of the way to perfect leash walking and doesn't totally hate the crate. All of this is great, but also makes me really sad because that means someone probably abandoned him 😞
  8. THE BEST PART: we already have someone interested in him!!
  9. I'm trying not to be *too* excited, but that's hard. We still have to bring him to the vet and get him assessed and looked at - especially his skin.
    If this looks like something other than mange, lmk pls
  10. But yay for Prince!!!