The actual political argument my dad and I just had

Dad: very conservative/borderline paranoid republican. Me: decently liberal/occasionally skeptical democrat.
  1. Dad: you're wrong about voter fraud. Democrats have been rigging elections for years and they're doing it again with this one.
  2. Me: I have never heard that in my life. How are they rigging them? Where are you getting that information from?
  3. Dad: how do you not know that you're wrong about election rigging? Don't you read anything besides the huffington post?
  4. Me: I don't read the huffington post dad
  5. Dad: you buy into all of the liberal media crap and I really am ashamed that you do. It's unsettling.
  6. Me: well where are you getting your information from dad?
  7. Dad: just google it! It's out there.
  8. Me: but when I do google it, I find information that supports my argument that voter fraud is a non issue. Can you send me what you're reading?
  9. Dad: it's because you buy into the liberal media! I'm just horrified that we wasted money sending you to college if you're just going to believe whatever they tell you to believe.
  10. Me: *sighs and tries not to get defensive*
  11. Just another super fun night in the O'Neill house!!!!!